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Urgent Aid for Families Arriving from Gaza

Gaza was the place that millions of people called home. Since October, far too many have had their homes ripped out from underneath them. It is our responsibility to extend a helping hand, offering support to restore stability and provide a new home for those affected right here in Canada. 

Islamic Relief Canada, along with National Zakat Foundation, National Council of Canadian Muslims, and other organizations, have come together to help Canadian citizens stuck in Gaza return to safety. 

Your support will help transform lives and allow us to continue providing food, shelter and medical care, as well as long-term resettlement support!

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How We’re Supporting Evacuees

Phase 1: Resettlement Support 

Most evacuees have little to no resources after escaping horrific circumstances. In the first phase of our support, your generosity is funding flights of evacuees who have escaped war. Through your help, we are able to pay for expensive flights to Canada, ensuring they reach safety as quickly as possible. 

After an assessment has been made by a member of the coalition, the families are supported through different resources such as:

  • Food gift cards

  • Rent deposits

  • Medical bills & prescriptions

  • ‍Therapy sessions

  • Clothing and furniture assistance

  • Any other urgent needs the families may have

Phase 2: Essential Services & Long-Term Support

We are providing essential services through our partnering organizations for:

  • Legal support 

  • Medical support 

  • Ongoing Mental health support ​​

We will continue to work to ensure that the families have their needs met for an additional 4 months. 

  • During the 4-month period: During this stage, the goal will also be to help the families work towards self-sufficiency and independence. 

  • After the 6 month period: We will continue working closely with the families to assess financial needs and provide support if necessary.

For these families, your support is the gift of life. Remind them that they are not alone in Canad 

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Your Support Can Save Lives 

Many of these individuals have not lived in Canada for years. Gaza is the only home they have ever known. Our phased approach provides them with immediate support and ongoing access to essential services they need to survive. 

“Without Islamic Relief Canada, we don’t know where we would have been in Egypt or may be even sent back to Gaza”

- Evacuee Supported by Islamic Relief Canada, Dec 2023

Your support has the power to change their lives and help them make Canada their home once again. Donate now and support those evacuating war, terror and ongoing bombardment.  

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